The Mindful Student cards in Fly Five are brief, yet get students to have an awareness of themselves, emotions, body, and mind. It serves them well before we continue with our day. Ina Pannell-Sain Surin, Fly Five Ambassador and 5th grade teacher
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Challenging Feelings
Come and Go

Take a few moments to listen to this guided meditation and journaling prompt, and jot down any thoughts, feelings, or emotions that come up for you.

Wash It

Listen to this guided meditation with your class to experience the power of letting go and releasing any judgments. This meditation is geared toward third to fifth graders.

The Mindful Student Components

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Mindfulness Lesson Cards

✔ 20 Lesson Cards

✔ Grade-Level Sets

✔ Flexible Implementation

A kindergarten to eighth-grade school-based mindfulness program that includes developmentally appropriate mindfulness activities aligned with the C.A.R.E.S. social and emotional competencies and standards.

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Mindfulness Mini-Course
for Adults

✔ Fully Asynchronous

✔ Duration: 2.5 hours

✔ Flexible Implementation

A deep dive into the science of mindfulness and an exploration of how to foster mindfulness as a proactive discipline strategy in classrooms and school communities across the globe.

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